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The Whole30 Post

The one where I answer your questions about my Whole30 journey.


Whole30 Day 2: Cravings and CrossFit

Y'all I'm driving the struggle bus right now. Next stop the cemetery because today literally killed me. I am tired. I am stressed. I want a milkshake and a nap. Okay I had to just put that out there. Overall,... Continue Reading →

Whole30: Day 1

I've been mentally preparing to begin Whole30 for about a month now. I have been fluctuating between "this is insane I cannot do this" to "totally got this in the bag!" Now that Day 1 has come and gone, I... Continue Reading →

ValentAsh WednesDay

Valentine's Day. It's a day for flowers and cards, for candy and love. It's a day to tell people you love them. That you're thankful for them. That they matter to you. Ash Wednesday. It’s a day of remembrance. We... Continue Reading →

Five Things to Find in a Wedding Officiant

Ah, Valentine's Day. The day of hearts and flowers, chocolate and Cupids. It is also the day when a whole mess of people get engaged! I, personally, love a good engagement story. Watching the couples faces light up as they... Continue Reading →

This One’s For The Girls

This one's for the girls... well generally it's for half the population who still gets their monthly visitor from down under.

Destapador and Weaving: A Brief Summary of My Trip to Guatemala

I tried to journal everyday while we were in Guatemala. As I go back through my journal I am realizing that I mostly talked about food, which is appropriate, because the food constantly blew my mind. I went into this... Continue Reading →

Oh Hai, Blog

Y'all. It's been a minute. The last time I posted a blog (the one before I went on a rant about Target), I was really struggling with my job/life situation. See, the thing is, I'm a planner. The plans I... Continue Reading →

Dear Target,

Dear Target, First off, I love you. Like, you don't even know how much I love you. I visit you at least once a week, usually more than that. I give you my life, my love, my money, and you... Continue Reading →

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