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Dear Target,

Dear Target, First off, I love you. Like, you don't even know how much I love you. I visit you at least once a week, usually more than that. I give you my life, my love, my money, and you... Continue Reading →


There But For The Grace of God, Go I

What I've been wrestling with since the last time I posted.

Dear Pastor – the Mother’s Day Edition

Dear pastor, Tomorrow is Mother's Day. It is a beautiful day full of celebration, flowers, and fun stories about moms. I'm sure your sermon is full of ways in which we celebrate and love our mothers. But I what I... Continue Reading →


I always remember the women at the tomb on Easter morning.  The male disciples were in hiding, afraid for their lives and too scared to face the future. So the women (mainly Mary and Mary Magdalena, although the gospels vary... Continue Reading →

Covenant Part Two: A New Hope

Matthew 26:17-19, 26-30 (NRSV) On the first day of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Where do you want us to make the preparations for you to eat the Passover?” He said, “Go into the city to a... Continue Reading →

Good Friday by Steve Parris

My dad loved writing a blog post so much he wrote another one! He told me this one is too long to publish (again, we tend to say more words than necessary, but I think it's a lovely trait to... Continue Reading →

Behold by James Coleman

FAM! My husband, James Todd Coleman, man of my dreams and love of my heart, wrote a blog post. And it is really, very good. James is my constant support and has been so encouraging this lenten season. He has... Continue Reading →

It's 11:00 and it's past my bedtime, so I'll be doing part two of the covenant tomorrow. Yesterday James asked me what the day was. I casually replied "um Wednesday the 12th." He corrected himself and said "no what day... Continue Reading →

Covenant Part One: The OG

You may or may not know this, but this week for our Jewish brothers and sisters, is also an incredibly special week, known as Passover. This is going to be a very "lite" version of the passover story, so bear... Continue Reading →

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