Dear Target,

First off, I love you. Like, you don’t even know how much I love you. I visit you at least once a week, usually more than that. I give you my life, my love, my money, and you take my cares away. When I am sad, I can turn to your organized isles of house wears and clothing a feel better. When I am in need of groceries, you provide coupons on an app and 99% of the produce I need. I have loved you for so many years, my dear sweet Target, so why, why have you hurt me so?

I have been buying the exact same jeans along your pants wall for 5 years. Same Mossimo brand, same three colors, year after year. The only thing that has changed has been the size that I wear. I’ve worn a 26 and now I’m down to a size 12. Or so I thought. But Target, your new pants don’t seem to think I am a 12. Last year’s size 12 pants believe that I am a 12, but not this year. Also, your this year’s size 12 pants think my legs should be two inches longer than they were last year.

I went to visit you yesterday to prepare for my upcoming trip. You always know exactly what I need for my travels. My favorite pair of pants just gave out on me after two years of faithful service and so I headed to your pants wall to get another pair. This time I picked the high waisted pants, instead of my usual low rise, because I’m tired of my butt hanging out all over the place. I got a size 12, because I was wearing a size 12 at the time and I’ve recently lost some more weight. I was excited to get home and put them on. I don’t even try on pants in the store anymore because I know that you’ve got my backside.

And then you betrayed me.

I’m showing you two pairs of pants here in these photos. The pants I was wearing were my light wash size 12 Mossimo low rise pants that I bought at your store 6 months ago. I haven’t worn them much because I don’t really like light wash denim, but my dark wash ones have been laid to rest and I was down to the light wash pair. Have they stretched out in the last 6 months after wearing them less than 10 times? Probably. But let’s compare the light wash pants that I was wearing to the dark wash pair that I just purchased.

Exhibit A of your betrayal and size shaming:


You can clearly see that these are both Mossimo, skinny, 12 regular length pants. You can also see the ridiculous amount of dog hair on my bed but whatever that’s not important. What is important is that I should not have a HANDS WIDTH of space between the waist of these two pairs of pants that are supposedly the exact same size.


And now, I present you with Exibit B of your betrayal.


The light wash pair of pants are low rise whereas the dark wash are high rise, so I aligned the crotch of the pants instead of the top of the pants. Thats a solid two inches of length at the bottom of these pants. They come down to the arch in my foot.

Target, you know this about me already. My legs from the top of my hip to the bottom of my ankle are 41″ long. I have a 31″ inseam. My legs are LONG. These dark wash pants say 31″ inseam and yet they come down to the middle of my foot.

So, Target, what I understand is that you believe that I should not only be much skinnier than I was 6 months ago, but my legs should also be 2″ longer. I gotta say, this is super uncool.

You’ve come a long way in your clothing options. Before my gastric sleeve surgery I wore many of your plus size clothing options. I still grab a shirt from that department every so often. While it is a lacking area and sometimes frustrating that it isn’t just bigger sizes of the cute clothes you have in the “normal” part of the store, I have enjoyed having more choices. You still sell terrible plus size bathing suits, but progress is not perfection.

But, my dear sweet friend and companion, this is RIDICULOUS. What is even more ridiculous is that it makes me feel terrible about my body. And THAT is unacceptable. So I’m on my way to see you again to return my new tiny pants. I will not be telling the wonderful people who work for you of my plight, because it is really not their fault at all, but I wanted you to know how hurt and disappointed I am in your ability to size women’s pants and how this is really a larger issue of body positivity for women’s clothing across the board. Why do we still size them with arbitrary numbers?! Guys have it figured out. Because we can’t stand to see a number bigger than 10 on our pants? It’s sillyness and I don’t understand it. I know I don’t have a degree in fashion and I buy all my clothes at a cheapish mega box store, but Target you are a trendsetter and a leader in so many young professional’s (and not so professional) lives. You are better than this.

I will continue to visit you often. I will probably exchange these pants for a size 16, even though I haven’t worn a 16 in 4 years. I will even try them on first just to be sure. I love you, I really do, but you’ve broken my trust. And that hurts. But we can get through this together dear friend. You can do better. You can be better. I believe in you and I support you.

All my love,


Stop selling dresses with out pockets. Put pockets in 70% of dresses. It’s 2017. We deserve pockets in our dresses. Also the tops with peek a boo sleeves are ridiculous stop putting them on everything you sell.