So I’m sitting in my dining room right now, eating pizza with James and Kelsey, watching Death Cab videos, and talking about this blog post.

Guys. It’s been 21 straight days of blogging. I’ve had two days off. My brain is a little… dry?

We were trying to find good songs about light and darkness so that I could give myself a bit of a pass today, because I really need to study/shower/go to bed.

And then we ended up having an amazing conversation.

We were talking about Ben Gibbard and Zoey D getting divorced, which lead into a conversation about a reddit post Kelsey just read about divorce. The question was posed “what were you honestly thinking when your ex-wife was walking down the aisle towards you during your wedding?” which is an interesting question. Most people responded that they, of course, didn’t realize that they were going to get divorced and thought it was the happiest moment of their lives. One redditor asked how anyone can deal with this level of “you just never know” in their lives and that the uncertainty is just too overwhelming. And then, my favorite comment happened.

“Sometimes you just have to realize that life is short and things might not work out they way you want them to when you take a risk but your life will definitely be shit if you always play it safe.”

When I was coming out the other side of my divorce, I realized that I had a choice. I could either wallow and be bitter, or I could learn from it and grow.

Seasons of darkness happen to all of us. While some seasons are worse or longer than others, there is ALWAYS light, if you open your eyes to see it. It is so easy to shut it down and turn off the world in times of darkness. I know people who have held onto their anger and pain for far too long and it has turned them into dark people who avoid seeing the light at all costs. The close themselves off to people and places that can offer them healing because they are so used to the pain. But light always overcomes the darkness.

I know I’ve already quoted it this blogging season, and I’m not even sorry for doing it again.


If you’re tired of my Harry Potter references, well too bad because it’s the best, but here’s another song lyric. This one is from the Polyphonic Spree, even though I really wanted to use Mumford. Don’t worry, I’ll probably use Mumford again. Also, if you’re not listening to the Polyphonic Spree, you really really should. They’re awesome.

You don’t see me flyin to the red
One more you’re nuts
Just follow the day
Follow the day and reach for the sun!

Don’t follow the things in your life that cause you pain. Follow the day. Follow the light. Follow the peace. Follow the grace that flows from God. Reach out for the joy that springs from your heart. Reach out for the warming glow of love.

You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord, so live your life as children of light. Light produces fruit that consists of every sort of goodness, justice, and truth.”
Ephesians 5:8-9